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Customized Consulting Services

Program Start-Up and Development Services
Program Marketing Consultation. Review of current marketing plan, recruitment materials and practices, corporate outreach plan, and enrollment goals. Recommendations based on strengths and areas needing improvement.

Program Review: Assessment & Recommendations for Five Program Functional Areas:

  • Program Development (facilities, staffing, program offerings, governance, etc.)
  • Marketing and Recruitment (analysis of current marketing plan, ads, and enrollment goals)
  • Faculty and Curriculum Development (recruitment, assessment, and review of academic outcomes)
  • Student Support Services (infrastructure - business office, financial aid, registrar’s office, bookstore, etc.)
  • Academic Advising and Student Retention (degree plans, best practices for student retention)
  • Written report with recommendations for improvement.
Customized Workshops - Program Development


Marketing and Student Recruitment Services
Workshop for the Development of Collateral Materials. Analysis of current marketing plan, ads, and enrollment goals. Review includes all print, radio, TV ads, website, promotional brochures, etc.

Market Analysis Workshops:

  • Competition Studies – which institutions are your competitors? A comparison of programs designed for adults, number of off-campus sites, enrollment, curriculum model, and developed niche of each competitor.
  • Demographics Studies – who are your current students, which populations are you not attracting, and what business trends are emerging in your area?
  • Corporate Interviews – personal interviews with HR Directors to measure perception of your institution, programs offered, and graduates who are current employees.
Sample “Lead Tracking: Inquiry-to-Prospect-to-Applicant-to-Enrollment-to-Active Student” Workshop. Automated Tracking and Management Procedures for Student Enrollment System: System design to track and manage “Leads” (inquires, applicants, current students, stop-out students, drops).

Focus Group Facilitation to Collect Feedback about Program Quality and Services from:

  • Corporate Clients and Area Business Employers
  • Active Students
  • Program Faculty
  • Program Staff
  • Written recommendations to address areas needing improvement.
Sample Program Admission Policies, Procedures, and Forms. Sample corporate outreach plan and sample information session presentations (recruitment sessions).
Continuous Consultations - Marketing and Student Recruitment


Faculty and Curriculum Development Services
Faculty Assessment Process Guidelines. Includes Workshop: Assessor Training for Faculty Assessment Process

Faculty Development Workshop: New Faculty Orientation. Introduction to adult learning theory, accelerated program format, institutional mission, classroom management, active learning techniques, assessment and grading, and curriculum development.

Faculty Development Workshop: Active Learning Techniques for the Classroom. Includes a wide variety of small group activities designed to increase individual participation in course academic outcomes.

Faculty Development Workshop: Assessment and Grading of Student Learning. Reviews the importance of accurate academic outcomes, course activities and assignments designed to measure students’ learning.

Faculty Development Workshop: Module and Curriculum Development.
Establishes academic outcomes and assessment measurements for academic outcomes, learning activities, and learning assignments.
Faculty Development Workshop: Facilitating to Differing Learning Styles. Presents the characteristics of specific learning styles and assignments, activities, and assessment methods for each.
Access to Curriculum Modules from Regis University School for Professional Studies
Sample Faculty Contract and Samples of End-of Course Surveys for Students and Faculty (Feedback Forms)
Customized Workshops - Faculty and Curriculum Development
Continuous Consultations - Faculty and Curriculum Development


Student Support Services
Financial Aid Training and Consultation: “Financial Aid for Adult Students”

Infrastructure for Student Support Offices Workshops: Strengths and areas needing improvement to streamline procedures in:

  • Admissions
  • Registrar
  • Financial Aid
  • Business Office
  • Bookstore
  • Library
  • Instructional Technology
Consultation - Options for Administrative Computing Systems

Workshop for Student Tracking Systems: Design of electronic system to track:

  • Prospects
  • Inquires
  • Applicants
  • Registrants
  • Continuing Active Students
  • Stop-Outs and Drop-Outs
  • Retention Notices for Stop-Outs and Drop-Outs
Customized Workshops - Student Support Services
Continuous Consultations - Student Support Services


Academic Advising and Student Retention Services
Degree Plan Consultation and Samples

Retention Plan Consultation

Student Handbook Sample

Academic Advising - Best Practices

New Student Orientation Workshop for Program Staff