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Ventures of Regis University.

Customer Testimonials

Spalding University

"Our partnership with New Ventures of Regis University has benefited Spalding University in many ways:

  1. The course modules they provided at the start-up of our evening accelerated program were most helpful. Many of the modules were later revised by our faculty, but having the entire set of modules for the business program gave us a tremendous platform, from which we were able to tailor the modules to our needs.
  2. The faculty assessment process utilized by Regis is totally awesome. I have used this process for over 12 years and also personally went through the process to qualify to teach in the accelerated program. The assessment clearly identifies those faculty who will be successful facilitators with adult learners in accelerated classes. It also clearly identifies those who will not! In addition, the faculty candidates are impressed that we care so much about teaching/learning and that we take the time to assess them in this manner.
  3. New Ventures has provided us with outstanding faculty development and training programs in the past year, including sessions on teaching techniques for adult learners, learning styles, and grading and assessment. Our Academic Vice President was so impressed with the quality of these sessions that our entire full-time faculty has been invited to attend."

Audrey Ashton-Savage
Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Spalding University
Louisville, KY

St. Ambrose University ACCEL

"As a partner with New Ventures, the St. Ambrose University ACCEL Program has structured a degree-completion curriculum that is attractive to busy adults and fosters a culture of lifelong learning within our community. Our physical facility is comfortable, the schedule is convenient, the course content is rigorous (while relevant and application-based) and student services are specifically designed to meet the needs and expectations adult learners. With professional guidance from New Ventures staff, we did not have to “reinvent the wheel” - we applied their research and experience to our program and have now offered a quality educational program in a unique and student-friendly format for nearly a decade. Hundreds of enthusiastic graduates are testament to the success of ACCEL - and the New Ventures model."

Grace Johnson
Director, Faculty and Curriculum
St. Ambrose University / ACCEL
Davenport, Iowa