10th Annual OCICU Confernece

Orlando, FL ● March 26-27, 2015

State of the Consortium

Adam Samhouri

KEYNOTE: Neuroscience + Learning Research + Education Technology = EDUCATION 3.0

Jeff Borden

Strategically Selecting OCICU Courses

Robert Bunnell & Jackie Martin

40 -N- 50 : Apps for Authentic Assessment

Jeff Borden

Online Student ID Verfication, "What Institutions Need to Know

Mike McKay

Decision and Games Based Simulations to Improve Student Outcomes

Vik Aurora

The State of State Authorization: Regulations and Reciprocity

Marianne Boeke

Lessons Learned: Experiences with Adult Learners and Online Prior Learning Assessments

Scott Campbell

Using Zoom Technology: Online Pedagogical Pracitices with Implications for Creating a Community of Learners

Ann Marie Licata & Miro Liwosz