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New Ventures of Regis University

Regis University’s success in the adult education market prompted the creation of an entrepreneurial unit in 1986. Since then, New Ventures has become widely known as a change agent for colleges and universities seeking to develop and/or adjust their academic programs to meet the needs of changing student populations. In partnership with like-minded institutions, New Ventures’ places special emphasis on:

  • Integrity to the institutional mission
  • Intense focus on learners and learning
  • Maximum use of internal resources
  • Leveraging of strengths between and among external entities
  • Mutually beneficial goals

For the past twenty years, New Ventures has helped independent, not-for-profit colleges nationwide develop, implement, and expand new and existing academic programs to meet the needs of working adults. Recognizing the fragile nature of like-minded colleges and universities, our partners understand they are faced with the emergence of resource-rich, for-profit and public competition. Partner institutions confront this reality by continually making changes while confirming their fundamental mission and purpose.

It is against this backdrop that New Ventures continues to serve not-for-profit, private institutions through consulting and partnership services while recognizing the singularity and culture of that university.

New Ventures Areas of Expertise

By leveraging the wealth of adult education experience and expertise of New Ventures and the Regis University School for Professional Studies, partner schools can make significant progress in developing and expanding their programs. Specific areas of assistance include:

  • Marketing and market planning
  • Evaluation of school’s resources and readiness
  • Faculty selection and development
  • Instructional design
  • Assessment of prior learning
  • Organizational structure for adult programs
  • Leadership and staffing
  • Student services systems and processes
  • Licensing opportunities
  • Distance learning development
  • Research studies on the quality of adult accelerated programs

To Learn More About New Ventures opportunities contact:

Adam Samhouri